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Who we are

We are the leading business valuation firm in Melbourne, Australia. This mainland city is full of business opportunities majorly because of its population. Demand rate for various industries is high in this locale as a result of which small & medium scale businesses prosper a lot here.

We have an enormous amount of experience in computing business values and have a team of professionally trained Chartered Accountants who deal in different accounting departments. Whether you are selling, buying or re-structuring a business, we have a team of trained and specialised charted accountants who will provide you an independent valuation so that you can keep negotiations free of bias. We take immense pride on offering genuine fees for business valuations. Every client in Melbourne receives an upfront quote before the commencement of work and can be assured of no extra or hidden surprises.

At Parish Vision 2020, we offer an exclusive range of services, including Business Review & Planning, Business Valuation, Cash Flow Management, wealth management, Superannuation and succession planning to all types and scales of businesses in Melbourne, Victoria. Our vision is to become one of the leading companies in Australia. Our highly-trained charted accountants can deliver business projection report within 2 -3 weeks if you have a medium-scale business, as done for one of our clients having the Best online portal for Businesses for sale in Melbourne . Our goal is to support and assist business sector in expanding each business and to reach our aim, we pay special attention to analysing the cash flow, assets, liability, and goodwill of our client’s business

Our Motto

We appreciate our businessman and wish to make them proud owners from owners. Our services have played an instrumental role in letting people know about what they have achieved till now and more is in store them for them. We at PARISH VISION acknowledge all the efforts given in by people to make their business success, as we have done in case of the leading portal for commercial properties for sale in Melbourne. Turning business into a brand is not an easy task, but we here are accessible to the clients 24X7.

PARISH VISION is delighted to offer accounting and valuation services to all small, medium and large scale business for computing their taxes, funds, cash flow, audit, wealth planning, business advisory, stock market, shareholding projections and much more.

Why us?

Clients choose us over other companies for business valuation in Melbourne because we offer trusted, reliable and cost efficient services. We hold ourself responsible for the outcome of the clients business. Most of the entrepreneurs in Melbourne trust us as we provide transparent level of computing we have introduced in the business of valuation. We have the specialised operational teams for each sphere of accountancy to assure clients of their success. PARISH VISION is one of those valuation companies in Melbourne who can work for all genres of the business. We compute for all sectors and industries such as health industry, real estate, media, telecommunication, Information Technology sector, builders, transportation companies, and educational institutions. We have also assisted reputed cleaning companies including the Bond Cleaning in Melbourne, which is a team of highly-experienced end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. Our expertise and professionalism took this cleaning company to the new heights of success. If you are planning to buy an existing business and want to know its actual value in the prevailing market, then hire Parish Vision. We implement the proven strategies to examine different economic factors of a business to assess its right value.

Another important reason for choosing us over others is that we also offer consultation services. When clients feel confused about how to manage their business as if they should go for a partnership offered to them or shall they delegate business ownership. For these queries we have a special section named call2calm. This is an excellent service offered by us for clients.

These are the services we offer at a very efficient cost. We have a stupendous ordeal if the client wishes to have any one of these services. Thankfully, we are flexible enough to offer a customer-oriented service. We work in a very professional manner as a result of which our clients have recognised lot of success in their business. We have a standard project report in which the client can go through all the details minutely and penetrate what more is lacking to get the business go up by many folds.

Our Services

The tax system in Australia is distinguished between individuals and business and corporate world. The tax is collected by the Government of Australia through Australian taxation office and is distributed to the State bodies according to the policy.

PARISH VISION is specialized in computing various kinds of tax which includes:

  •   Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  •   Corporate Taxes
  •   Goods & Services Tax
  •   Payroll Tax
  •   Feasibility Study
  •   Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

Capital Gains Tax : This type of tax is applicable in case of transfer or death of the business owner. Application of CGT comes into act when the business is handed over to a new owner due to sudden death of the proprietor.

Corporate Taxes : This tax is payable by business houses and corporate houses in Australia. Corporate tax is calculated at a flat rate.

Goods & Services Tax : This tax is commonly referred to as GST. This is a value Added tax by the Government which ensures to stabilize the prices at a same level in the entire country.

Payroll Tax : Payroll tax is the calculated amount of money paid by the employers to the State Government in Australia according to the honorarium they pay to the employees. The share of Payroll tax in Australia is distinct in all provinces. In Melbourne, the employer has to pay 4.85% to the Government.

Fringe Benefit Tax : This tax is charged on the employer for allocation non-cash benefits to their employees. According to this tax system any employee or the dependent of the employee can get the car fringe benefit, loan fringe benefit and much more.
We also have specialization in compounding stamp duty, direct & indirect taxes. Stamp Duty tax varies from place to place in the entire country depending upon which kind of property is purchased and depends on the buyer.
After charging all the above taxes the remaining percentage of taxes in procured through indirect taxes.

The second important service we offer is estimating Superannuation or Fund Management. Calculations of this section help the client in determining whether there is a need to increase share in the current percentage or can they continue with the current rate for some period of time.

Other important criteria of work Business Valuation Melbourne is issuing business Advisory. This detailed log book has a three dimensional working system.

  •   Succession Planning
  •   Wealth Planning
  •   Business Review & Planning

Succession Planning : In this process we examine some meritorious people who are working in the client’s organization at some authoritative position while keeping in mind the relation of client with that chosen person. This helps in compounding business future growth.

Wealth Management : This judgment is purely carried out on the basis of taxes paid by the client in last couple of years. Here, the client needs to ensure that he is not hiding any asset or liability from the business valuation company. As the calculation is done on the basis of how much moveable and non-moveable assets are owned by client or by him in the name of his family which includes wife & children.

Business Advisory : Business Review & Planning are two features of this department. This valuation process brings client to face the reality. The experts of the concerned department goes through the bank books, accounts and bills to check and estimate what is in store for the client.

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