Tax payment structure in Australia is segregated in three levels and those are Local, State & Federal Government. Michel Hog heads our taxation department and ensures that each client gets the correct assessment of tax payable.

Under the leadership of Michel we have a dedicated team of Chartered Accountant who perform the task on direct & indirect taxes, business advisory, valuation, wealth management and cash flow management.

Tax is divided into sub-sections such as.

  • Direct & Indirect Tax,
  • Payroll Tax,
  • Capital Gains Tax,
  • Fringe Benefit Tax,
  • Goods & Services Tax

Parish Vision

PARISH VISION is a bunch of trained accountants who can deliver business projection report within 2-3 weeks in case of medium scale business. BVM’s goal is to help the corporate world in expanding their business. To reach this aim, we analyze the cash inflow, outflow, liability, assets, and goodwill of the client’s company.


Superannuation is commonly known as Fund Management. This is another method of calculating the exact value of the business. According to this method, the employer and employee both pay a fixed amount of sum to make their life financially secure post-retirement.

In this section, our account experts check the contribution record of the client in the last couple of years. This methodology helps in evaluating the business position. Another important aspect of assessing the business is Business Advisory. This practice consists of three line procedure to make a clear roadmap of business future.

Succession Planning

Under this process, our experts thoroughly research the caliber of various people who are working with the client and about those also who shares blood relation like son, brother, daughter or any other family person. The reason behind this using this methodology is to have a look at growth prospect of the business. This method helps in mapping the next anchor who can take command of business in an emergency situation.

Wealth Management

The second in line process enable our trader to have right information about how much he own and what he has to pay back. The objective behind undergoing this examination is to caution the businessman for the future. This step proves beneficial for the merchant to make a right decision in case of any mishap.

Business Review & Planning

Application of this formula for assessment of business position is easy and transparent. The businessman needs to get his accounts book check by the team of expert accountants who figure out any fancy transaction which needs to be addressed. This process works partly. After complete Review in the first phase the team starts working on Planning.

Here, the customer is given an accurate roadmap of how to work for achievement of their target. Every single detail related to planning is provided under the heading, “Path to Success- A Guidemap”

Business Valuation

Business Valuation is our forte. This can be carried out for any matter related to sale, purchase, legal matters, and divorce matters or in case of distribution of assets among the family. Valuation is a term use to define the actual financial cost of the current business. The final tally of the balance sheet to assist the customer to have an accurate projection of profit / loss the company will incur in buying/selling or any other matter.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management in this process a flow chart of the cash transactions is drawn to check what percentage of money flows in and out. Regular in-flow of cash is as important as the profit. Experts consider cash transaction to evaluate the liabilities of the client.

Our Customers

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